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Monday, December 10, 2007

Portable Apps!!

I have just posted about moving to Portable Firefox, which I am very excited about, because I have recently discovered that Firefox run in Wine on Linux, gets DNS responses from my stupid Dynalink router, but Firefox run on my linux box doesn't... it's not just firefox. It also gives bogus data to my wget on linux, but not ping. And sometimes if I ping an address or open a page in Konqueror, then I can also open it in Firefox. I've even tried other distros!

So I could try running firefox in wine on linux from my USB, perhaps I can share the instance!

But the really cool thing is there is a stack of applications available on Portable Apps, including XAMPP, which is a bundled install of PHP, Apache and MySQL... which I will be promoting in our development team to get standalone local servers running! - Some of our team aren't particularly eager to become more technical, tools that make it easy to be technical are appreciated!

However, there are a stack of tools I will be excited to get on a USB stick! Including:

  • Firefox
  • Apache, PHP, MySQL
  • Filezilla
  • Notepad++
  • 7-ZIP
  • VLC
  • Putty
  • And MAC OS 7 on a stick... that just sort of sounds fun :)

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