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Friday, December 07, 2007

Extend Firefox 2 competition

This is a competition that is run every year (perhaps next year it will be extend Firefox 3?). So since I haven't thought of this till now, it seems pointless to try and extend Firefox for the point of the competition.

But what a great way to become a known member of the community. Write a killer app, be anounced to the Mozilla world! Of course there are a tonne of great Firefox extensions already... trying to add to many of them will possibly kill Firefox, but as long as you don't get too greedy - and install them one or two at a time everything will work fine.

My favourite aspect of Firefox was it's small size, this is achieved through a lack of functionality - this should be a computer programming and project management mantra - less is more!

You simply don't need all the bells and whistles to make your product (and project) successful. But being able to add the bells and whistles later - that's gold!

But what new tool would take the prize from the best mozilla firefox apps in the world? How many ideas can I come up with that are already taken?

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