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Friday, December 14, 2007

busy building stuff

Have been very busy recently playing around with our web based applications - progress was slowed substantially on Tuesday - my day of real work! But it is still on track.

Will have a questionnaire ready for share the stars early next week. And have been working on Whizzoo intermittently, so the interface there is much nicer. I think I will also integrate it with Facebook and see how that goes - which sort of outflanks some business ideas about whta we were doing with Whizzoo - but I say it doesn't restrict the potential of Whizzoo, it simply increases its awareness and our knowledge base!

For when we integrate Sharethestars with Facebook!

I have also suggested that ShareMyNZ should integrate with Facebook, I've noticed another NZ Community site is advertising on Facebook - but I don't think they have the background to put together a Facebook portal.

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