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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Me. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

ABC News: Some Personal Web Pages Give Dark Glimpses

A very interesting example of how blogging is becoming very popular... and about how crazy the world is (especially USA - just kidding, lots of weird people everywhere).


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Google Toolbar for Firefox

Google toolbar is pretty handy... I was tempted to find out how to make my own custom firefox toolbar (so I could have more space and have a google and yahoo! toolbar) but now google toolbar allows you to drag their buttons across all firefox toolbars...

This is a handy feature... I can't wait till Yahoo catchs up!


Google - Search History

I'm not sure what you will find here, but I find that my most productive day is friday.. my least productive day is tuesday. My least productive hour is 3pm...

Well that's what google says... that I spend more time analysing the engine at 3pm on tuesdays than at any other time.. and I have only once searched for content at 4am... (since records began - last April)...I didn't think my search would have been for family viewing.. but I searched for "appose" at 4am... astounding... must have been a drunken argument.


Victoria University Rowing :: Senior Men 2006

I have also discovered that the google developed firefox extension for blogging is very cool. No longer do you have to navigate to a website and filter through bloggers rubbish until you find an interesting or enlightening piece of information about a website...

Well that is probably cr@p. Some webpages have 1000's of blog listings found by google... but at least you can add your own quickly... its rather nice: its the instant blogger extension for firefox by google.


Victoria University Rowing :: Senior Men 2006

I have just discovered that web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer do a wonderful job of rendering XML when a stylesheet is provided.

And it must be said that XSLT isn't everybodies idea of fun... but I am enjoying the absolute seperation of Data and Formatting.I am thinking about integrating some JS and XMLRequest code, but this is limited in its browser support (reduced with IE 7 - but that still doesn't have native XSLProcessor).


a l p h a f o o b a r

Well I just wanted to see if anybody was blogging about my website. I guess not.